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Deliver great sake in top condition

  • Use only rice specially bred for sake making, and mill it in our own milling plant.
  • Carry on our tradition of making sake as carefully and skillfully as we can.
  • Never stop improving our techniques
  • Work with distributors that deliver our sake in top condition, with accurate information, and at a reasonable price.

Bring warmth & harmony to the table

We're convinced that sharing good food and drink with family and friends contributes to the well-being of every individual and of the society as a whole. We hope that Masumi can help to bring warmth and harmony to your table.

  • Continue to promote the benefits of gathering with friends and family around the table.
  • Offer sake vessels, tableware, and specialty foods to compliment the table.

Be kind to nature and to people

Depletion of natural resources, pollution, toxic waste…
Solving such global problems may seem beyond our reach, but we strive to be a sake brewery that is kind to the environment and to our customers.

  • Reduce energy consumption and lower emissions.
  • Simplify product packaging to reduce waste.
  • Use 100% of our rice flour—return the rough flour to farmers for feed and fertilizer, make the fine flour into the shochu spirit base of our fruit liquors.
  • Print Braille on all our bottles and gift boxes to guide the visually impaired.

Spread the spirit of Japanese sake around the world

Sake, an essential part of our food culture, is the result of our uniquely blessed natural environment, and of the accumulated wisdom and experience of our forebears. Sake compliments and accentuates the goodness of our food, and has an important place in our ancient rituals and in our daily lives. Now we vow to spread the knowledge of sake and the many ways to enjoy it to people around the world.

  • Forge strong relationships with importers that have a passion for sake.
  • Develop new overseas markets by educating importers, restaurant staff and customers about sake.